Life-transforming things happen eventually.

Days go by and still, I haven’t found my clue, a sign that will tell me witch direction to go, every two or 3 years I re-invent myself, trying to get into a new look, a new trend and most of the time I got lucky and people start giving me “kudos” about it, but asking close friends never works quite as well as I hope, almost every time I got a complement and I’m waiting for the words : . . . I liked because: … but most of the time I got NOTHING, so I go back into my MAC and try to beat the crap out of that artwork and concentrate into making a better one. Some time ago, I was blessed in my life with an authentic creative miracle, I met my Guru, one of the most creative-passionate-successful artist I could ever imaging talk to, his name is Lamberto Alvarez. I learned so much from him, his wisdom made a strong impact in my life, I could be saying honestly my professional life can be structured in two parts, before and after Lamberto, the way he shared his knowledge, attention and a “pay it forward” attitude, got stock into my veins as an addiction for been a better down to earth creative. He ALWAYS had a great feedback on my artwork about how far can I go with it, and how to push it, just into a perfect balance in between a piece of art and a mainstream image. So two weeks ago I found my clue, and it was when I found Lamberto’s face on Facebook. Maybe one day in retrospect, I could see myself been another Lamberto  . . . In a hundred years 🙂


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