From Evans to Enrico, I want to be like Annie.

Some years ago, I had the amazing opportunity of learn photography from Evans Caglage, he is a Senior Photographer at The Dallas Morning News.  He had the willing and the patience of giving me advice so I could become a good photographer. From the camera settings to studio lightning he opened a new door of possibilities for me, So I took one of his advices and choose a Photographer to follow, so could concentrate on a area of work that can challenge me into a be a better photographer. So I choose Annie Leibovitz, her work at “The Rolling Stones” and “Vanity Fair” made an easy decision for me. Through the years her work was a great resource for inspiration for me, up to last December when I saw the work of Enrico Caputo.

Enrico is a 26 years old photographer with a fresh new look on his work, and a living proof of a new generation of advanced photographers. So this January I made the decision of get my own camera, that way I don’t have to wait to take a camera from work. I choose the Nikon D40 witch is the same model I learn to use with Evans, and little by little I have been getting more and more equipment to build my own photo studio. I will challenge my self into been a better photographer so maybe one day I could be like Annie.


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