Yes, but does it sell?

I have been thinking about the idea of selling a product, more like brand recognition or an award wining campaign. Some times I have seen really cool ideas everywhere from TV to Billboard campaigns where the call for action is missing and the advertiser is wasting thousands of dollars on a nice looking money waste campaign.

Some AD executives are very good on selling the ideas into their customers, but at the end I think revenue driven ADS will create a happier customer than an award from Cannes. I know that awards are the best way for an advertising agency to get clients but at the end, a happy customer will be the best PR for the agency.

Today a saw some great looking ads where the message is missing, I don’t even get the brand’s name until I was actually looking for it.  Here’s a great sample of what I’m talking about, this was the Cannes Lions 2007 Press GRAND PRIX and Outdoor GOLD winner for the brand TIDE, I know the idea is great for creatives but for the actual consumer I don’t think so.

Just click on this AD



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