A logo should be iconic and timeless: Really?

As teenager, I used to draw the logos of some of my favorite bands into my school supplies, from my books, to my uniform, the logos of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, etc. where a great way for me to identify myself as a follower of such music and get the attention of other followers.

That’s great BRAND RECOGNITION, and in my subconscious, the idea of creating logos where stock on my head since then, everyday, I’m used to look everywhere for logo changes on my environment, and 2 or 3 months ago the new PEPSI logo caught my attention, they’re used to change their brand’s look very often for my taste, but this latest image in particular was very risky for my point of view, I remember when an ex co-worker at The Dallas Morning News tried to make me change a proposal for an updated logo revamp.

Sam said …a logo should be iconic and timeless… But I also think a logo NEEDS to be the sum of all points of contact within the brand. Not only a nice way to present it, but a great way for the consumer to identify their product or service. Maybe one day I can create a logo that a kid will draw in his hands with a pen.

In the mean time I still prefer a COKE than PEPSI.

Look at this video.



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